A month of October with the public…

In October, the Deep Sea Spy team was behind the booths: recap on the science fest at the ‘Cité de la Science’ in Paris, and at the Ocean Hackaton challenges in Brest!

On October 6-7, our team participated to the Science Fest at the ‘Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie’ in Paris.  The application was demonstrated to the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (https://youtu.be/EHcHzs_vqXI?t=2996), to the public on site but also to all virtual participants who watched the youtube channel of the science dissemination program "L’Esprit Sorcier".

The week-end after, Deep Sea Spy was represented at the Ocean Hackaton at the ‘Capucins’ in Brest. The company Subseateam presented their challenge « Deep(sea) learning ». Their objective is to use your annotation data to train an algorithm for automatic detection of vent species!

You results will thus not only help in answering our scientific questions but will also contribute to the development of computer algorithms for the automated annotation of vent species on images!

Since the event, we recorded 37 new registrations on the app and the mission reach 33.2% of achievement.